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New Indian, Pan Asian Fine Dining Restaurant in Lewes, DE is in search of a Chef with experience creating Pan Asian cuisine. Pan Asian encompasses Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, and Thai. We welcome anyone with 1+ years experience in preparation of Pan Asian cuisine to apply.

Prime Function
•Develop food and service philosophy based around Pan Asian cuisines
•Ensure quality is maintained with a standardized product.
•Develop new menu package in conjunction with the Executive Chef and ongoing customized client menus for our guests various dietary needs.
•Maintain cost effectiveness by maintaining profitability in all areas.
•Constantly evaluate systems to facilitate improvement where possible.

Kitchen Planning

•Plan and design menus for in conjunction with the Executive Chef
•Tastefully do pairing of wine with food in conjunction with staff Sommelier, Executive Chef, and Management.
•Actively promote team work among kitchen staff to facilitate the achievement of kitchen objectives.

Financial Management

•Minimize food wastage at all times.
•Understand organisation departmental financial objectives.
•Oversee all functions as necessary to ensure all food is at the required standard.

Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment:
•Ensures that the workplace and storage areas remain clean and tidy, and the safety of consumable goods by always respecting HACCP regulations
•Respects the instructions and safety guidelines for the equipment she/ he uses